Why we are here.

You are here because you are curious.  Curious about a history, a radio station, a relative, a co-worker or a part of your own past.  This historical blog started out as a timeline on an Excel worksheet; nothing more.  It was going to be a timeline of the legendary WAPE in Jacksonville.  That would be me in search of a part of my own past.  In search of the origin of the music coming out of the little black Jade brand transistor radio given to me by my grandmother.  A radio which spent many summers on the white sands of Myrtle Beach parked in front of the Jade Tree and Sandpiper motels.  That radio which was always tuning between WTGR in Myrtle Beach and WAPE Jacksonville. 

The simple timeline has become is a journal of stories with an album of cherished family photographs.  Not my family, but that of the Brennan family of Alabama.  But not just the Brennan’s, you see the folks that worked at their stations were more than just employees, they considered themselves family too. 

What it has also become is more than a history of one radio station.  You see, each radio station was somehow linked to the other.  It became impossible to talk about one without knowing a little something about another.  I guess these radio stations were family too.

While this work has grown in scope and depth more than I could have ever imagined, it is, and will be by no means complete.  Everyday there is a new photo, an undiscovered piece of audio or a new story shared.  The one thing that I hope to achieve is to record first-hand accounts of those who were there, and leave that record for all who visit.


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