A work in progress

 One of the reasons for posting this work on line instead of publishing on paper is that this will be a work in progress for a time to come.  There are still interviews to be conducted, facts to be checked, photos to be uncovered and stories to be written.

As you go through the site, some stories may seem incomplete – like a highway project where a road just ends or there is a bridge with no connecting roads.  In this history, those are placeholders or foundations for facts to come.  The Brennan/Benns story in its original form would make a book, and has been formatted in that way.  To provide access on this site, some re-writing and re-editing is required.  There is much more to come.

With the help of Louise, Donnie and Diane Brennan, many family facts have been brought to light.  The input of Cyril and Dan Brennan has given a rare firsthand look into the early days of the Brennan/Benns enterprises.   Thank you for sharing your stories for this site.  Don Woollard, Leroy Cumbie and Taze Tisdale are others whose words you will be seeing soon who were also there in the beginning of WAPE.  In time there will be much more here too.

You may observe that at this stage, the site may seem a bit centered on WAPE.  The reason for that is that this all began as a history of The Big APE.  However, the story of all of these legendary stations is woven together like the relationship of all of those involved.  The history of all of the stations and people make for a much richer story in the end.


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